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Business Village | Discover. Engage. Work.

Business Village is strategic starting point for emerging businesses in Dubai as it includes funding institutions, strategic partners and capital investment companies.

BV offers services for establishing businesses and will host other supporting services in the future, including facilities, unique features and comprehensive services. The Village comprices a mixed-use business incubator, surrounded by commercial and business organizations directly engaged in supporting and providing services to foster entrepreneurship and SMEs.

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View our directory and find out about the companies based in the Business Village community, filter by industry and view their latest updates. The discover section also allows you to navigate to the office you are looking for making it easy for visitors to find offices quickly and easily.

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Book a venue from our conference area for all kinds of events, business village offers facilties for conference to smaller board meetings or any other function.

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Rent an office space in the heart of Dubai, with a fully managed complex, Government services, parking facilities, retail and restaurants.

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